Mayfair Private Offices

FF&E Procurement

Chris Turner Procurement offers a full FF&E procurement service. This includes reviewing specifications, creating tender packages, making recommendations, issuing purchase orders and overseeing the manufacturing, delivery and installation of all packages. These packages cover casegoods, seating, drapery, lighting, carpets, fabrics as well as other packages required by the project. Chris Turner Procurement’s full services takes a project from the release of design information, right through to closing the door upon completion of installation.


OS&E Procurement

Chris Turner Procurement offer detailed sourcing and procurement service for all aspects of OS&E, from the welcome mats on arrival to the pillows when you go to sleep. Such packages include linen, chinaware, flatware, Back of House furniture, kitchen equipment and many others. Our team work closely with hotel operations to source the right product for the property, including sampling and testing to ensure products are fit for purpose. We procure all aspects of OS&E and even dog beds are on the list.


Preliminary Budgeting

The most important part of our initial project works is the creation of a preliminary budget. To create this we will review all of the project documentation available including layouts and design details. We will compile a detailed quantity matrix of all items within the property. This critical information becomes the key base information moving forward and sets the foundation for all further work on the project.


Advice / Consultancy

The team at Chris Turner Procurement has many years’ experience. We bring this experience to our projects each and every day to offer support and guidance as required. We constantly look for cost savings and value engineering opportunities and bring to the project team’s attention any concerns about durability and specification. Throughout the project, the team will offer their expert opinion on all FF&E & OS&E matters to ensure the correct decisions are made.

Project Management

As well as carrying out the core services of budgeting, tendering, ordering and overseeing manufacturing and installation, it is very much part of Chris Turner Procurement’s service to steer this FF&E and OS&E ship from start to finish on each project. As such, we are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the procurement process to deliver the project within the required timeframe. This includes ensuring that the procurement process stays on track throughout, the project team and always up to speed on all activities and keeping the project on track at all times.

Project Management

Project Accounting

Chris Turner Procurement manages the FF&E and OS&E budget and costs throughout the project. Budgetary control and accuracy are at the heart of everything we do, after all it is your money, not ours. We regularly submit budgetary reports showing the overall budget, amount committed and cost forecast. All invoices are checked for accuracy and to ensure all funds are being correctly requested. In addition, Chris Turner Procurement offers a banking service where funds can be held and vendor payments made on the client’s behalf, reducing the workload of the client’s team.



Chris Turner Procurement are able to issue reports in a variety of ways to ensure the project team is receiving the information that is important to them. This could be financial reports, tender status reports, shop drawing status reports and any other required by the team. These reports enable to the project team to see the status of any stage of the project and to be able to track progress to ensure programme is met. Our reporting methods are entirely flexible and can be adapted to suit the project.


Logistics and Warehousing

Upon completion of manufacturing, Chris Turner Procurement oversees the delivery of all goods to the project warehouse. This includes inland transportation as well as international freight where required. We work with the vendors to ensure that all shipping paperwork is correct so that goods arrive into the project country smoothly and without unnecessary delays. Once goods are delivered to the warehouse, we work with the warehouse team to ensure all goods are properly logged into the project inventory and that all items are inspected for damage. Goods are then stored as needed.

Logistics and warehousing


Once required on site, Chris Turner Procurement will manage the call offs from the warehouse to the project site. This includes creating the pick lists for the warehouse team. Upon delivery to site, we will oversee the installation team to see that all items are properly installed, rubbish is cleared and areas are left in a clean and tidy condition for handover. This covers everything from a small plant pot to a four-metre dining table.


Value Engineering

Inherent in our work is value engineering. Chris Turner Procurement will always explore opportunities to save money, even when the scheme is comfortably in budget. We will explore alternative items within the market and assess the suitability of products in the areas they are being used in. This is always a transparent and collaborative process and any alternatives and cost saving opportunities are presented to the design and client teams for approval prior to any orders being placed.

Cost savings

Cost Savings

CTP has a strong history in making savings for our clients. In ever increasing financially difficult times, adherence to budget is as important now as it has ever been. Our ability to bring projects in on or under budget eases the pressure on other parts of the project and ensures that the client gets value for money. In doing this we always respect the design and ensure the project meets the designer’s brief. We also protect key and feature pieces in the design so that the project has the statement pieces that elevate a space.

Myfair Private Offices

Quantification Matrix

Upon receipt of FF&E documentation, CTP will always carry out a full quantification of the spaces involved, such as Guestrooms and Public Areas. Our quantification matrix is regularly updated as and when there are revisions to the design scheme. This is done to ensure that the correct quantity of items is being procured for the project. This then also becomes an essential part of the delivery and installation process so that the correct items are installed in the right locations. At the end of the project this is handed over to the hotel as an inventory for the operator.